Mandhom Sesungguhnya aku tak butuh dunia, jika ternyata aku mampu melihat keindahan-Nya dari mata seorang hamba yang kelak bersujud satu sajadah di belakangku.

How to Make a YouTube Video (Beginner’s Guide)

In the words of a vlogger, one of the greatest things about YouTube is the large audience that is eager to consume fresh content. However, for this to work, you must know the intricacies of creating YouTube videos before you can taste success.

If you’re a completely new YouTube creator and you know nothing about video-making, consider the following assumptions: The fundamentals are easy to learn, it is the details that take some getting acquainted with.

Top YouTubers are already earning millions of dollars on the platform, and if this fact entices you, this post might be right up your alley. Here are some of the beginners tips for crafting quality YouTube videos.

Beginners Guide to Create YouTube Videos

1. Effectively Plan your Video

You must grasp your topic first before you can start a YouTube video. Keep your target audience as a CenterPoint while developing your ideas. Are you making the video for entertainment? Maybe you are trying to persuade people by making an argument?

Or, maybe, you want to have an impact on a certain issue and encourage others to learn more about it. It’s quite obvious that if you want to replicate your favorite YouTubers’ success, the first step towards this is to pinpoint what they’re doing well.

You don’t have to give in to someone else’s voice and with the right approach, you can create a voice that is unique to your channel. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to customize your own approach to starting YouTube videos, including writing unique call-to-action or “like and subscribe” messages.

2. Master the usage of Video Editors

Your videos and audio files are all set, ready to go. All that remains is to compile all of the footage into a completed production video and use a video editor to do this. Your budget will mostly determine the video editor you go with, although there are many programs to select from.

Choose a platform which comes equipped with all the bells and whistles of a professional video editing suite and is very easy to use.

It doesn’t matter whatever app you end up using; you must understand how to utilize it correctly. It goes without saying that YouTube is your greatest friend when using these video editing tools since the site is stocked with how-to videos for almost every video editing software.

3. Perform an Audience Analysis

For an effective YouTube video, one of the most essential elements is knowing your target audience. For your video to be as successful as possible, it must be relevant to your target audience.

In most cases, a brief solution is preferable. We use a bouncing effect when surfing the web to rapidly go from post to post, article to article, and video to video. People have shorter attention spans these days, therefore being succinct is more essential than ever on YouTube.

With its greater-than-predecessors status, YouTube’s viewership makes it more difficult for a competing platform to thrive with its content. Long-form content creation may require more work, but if you make your video interesting, people will want to see it.

Although it would probably not be wise to publish an hour-long vlog of your last beach vacation, you can consider posting short videos to your social media pages of family events, new gadgets, etc. Most videos, regardless of length, are under ten minutes.

4. Understand the Fundamentals of Video Production

Learning video production skills will depend on the kind of video you are producing. Except in the case of an instructional video, like a training video, if you’ve used material you didn’t record yourself, such as a video of you reacting to something, doing a review of a game, or critiquing a movie.

Your face on camera isn’t just beneficial to videos that fall into the other categories but will help all videos. All you need is a smartphone to shoot a video. Whether you own or have access to a mirrorless or digital SLR camera, will determine the appearance of your movies.

To put it bluntly, this is particularly true in low-light settings. For the time being, focus on technical requirements rather than on anything else. It’s great to have the option to shoot in 4K, but most people still prefer to watch a video at 1080p or lower.

5. Understand the basics of Good Audio

A YouTube video is a narrative. On the surface, you would assume that most of the hard work will be done with the video itself, yet the audio is the engine that does all the heavy lifting. Without proper sound, your story loses some of its appeal.

In contrast, when you include sound, it enriches your story’s details. Although this is not an absolute rule, you should constantly be thinking about how video and audio relate to one another.

There are many post-production techniques that may be used to make subpar videos seem better, but there are no known methods to improve terrible audio. If your sound quality is not up to standard, your audience will notice. If your recordings sound acceptable, it is possible to enhance their overall sound quality by purchasing a good microphone.

Despite having many voiceover apps on PCs or Macs, you may be more comfortable with a desk-mounted microphone instead if you’re not making use of a piece-to-camera arrangement.


It’s time to post your video and start earning money from YouTube. Well done, you’ve just created your first YouTube video!

One of the most well-known pieces of YouTube advice is to maintain posting new content on a regular basis. Constant application is the key to success in many areas of life.

Work within your limits in terms of skills, time, and money to create a realistic YouTube plan you can adhere to.

Mandhom Sesungguhnya aku tak butuh dunia, jika ternyata aku mampu melihat keindahan-Nya dari mata seorang hamba yang kelak bersujud satu sajadah di belakangku.

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